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96(Film)-The Untold Story of K Ramachandran and Janu

96(Film)-The Untold Story of K Ramachandran and Janu 


Movie language -Tamil & Hindi

Movie Type –  Sad/Drama ‧ 2h 38m

Film Story

Hello friends, today I am going to talk about a great movie 96(Film)-The Untold Story of K Ramachandran and Janu

“96” A Tamil film.

In fact, it would not be right to call 96 a film.

96 A feeling, it cannot be explained in words. 96 The story touches your heart directly. Whatever my writing, I urge you to see this film once, listen to the story of this 96 film once.

I can guarantee you won’t be able to tell others how you feel after watching the movie.

96(Film)-The Untold Story of K Ramachandran and Janu

96(Film)-The Untold Story of K Ramachandran and Janu

96 There is a common saying among the people about this film. Anyone who has seen 96 films once has seen this film at least eight to ten more times.


To us, the end of love means marriage, the greatest relationship in the world.

But when you see this film, you will understand that there is a bigger relationship than marriage. Who doesn’t have a specific name, but that relationship will drive you completely crazy.

There are thorns in my side as I try to explain this movie. So think about it 96. When you see it, the mercury of your thoughts will reach somewhere.

However, I would like to give some general information about the story of the 96 films.

This story tells the story of 5 to 6  School students.

Those who have studied together in school life.


Speaking of 1996, the time when they took the secondary exams together, and the deep friendship between them was replaced.

 Over time they moved to different places, and they had to be different in search of work.

Somehow in 2018 those five to six friends met by phone and decided through discussion, would organize a party, and as many students as there were in their 1996 batch would be invited to the party.


After 22 years, everyone is going to be one.

As of 1996, the film is titled 96.


I’m talking about five to six students. In fact, one of them is a character. Which film director is presented to us through the story.

The main male character’s name is K Ramachandran and the main female character’s name is Janu (heroine).


School life has shown a very sweet love scene between K Ramachandran and Janu. Their love story was so Pure, natural that it could bring tears to the eyes of any viewer.

But after the sad high school, the separation between K Ramachandran and Janu took place. After 22 years, K Ramachandran and Janu are going to see each other.

How much their 22-year-old love is alive, why they are separated. And in the end what happens.


Let me tell you one more thing at the end if you see this movie once,

 The 22-year-old story of K Ramachandran and Janu will take a permanent place in your mind and your mind will respond to watching this movie again and again.


Film Information

1Film Directed byC. Premkumar
2Produced byS. Nanthagopal
3Screenplay by
4Music byGovind Vasantha
5Cinematography Shanmuga Sundaram
6Distributed by  Seven Screen Studio
7Release date4 October 2018
8Running time    158 minutes
9Language            Tamil
10Budget20 Crore
11Country               Indian
12Box office70 Crore
13Awards This Movie Win 7 Different Awards & Nomination for best debut song of  kaathalae Kaathalae


Janaki ‘Janu’ Trisha Krishnan
Ramachandran Vijay Sethupathi
Young Ramachandran ‘Ram’ Aditya Bhaskar
Young Janaki ‘Janu’  Gouri G. Kishan 
Subhashini ‘Subha Devadarshini
Young Subhashini ‘Subha’ Niyathi Kadambi
Murali Bagavathi Perumal
Prabha Varsha Bollamma

Box Office Collection

96(Film) Budget was 18 Crore & Box office Collection 77 Crore

Viewers Opinion & Critical Response


Film Ratings

Critically & commercially Film analysts give 8.9/10 ratings. Screenplay, dialog Delivery, Acting performance, Film Story everything is Perfect.  And People are full enjoyed this movie.

Best Part of this Movie

Actually, the Whole Movie’s part is Out Standing. But School Life Of  Ramchandran & Jannu is Heart touching.

My Opinion

I hope you like my article “96(Film)-The Untold Story of K Ramachandran and Janu ” your knowledge has increased a lot. If I have made a mistake in this article or if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment in the comments box and I will try to answer your question as soon as possible.


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