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John Ibrahim’s Super Hit Movie Saaya (2003 film)

John Ibrahim’s Super Hit Movie -Saaya (2003 film) 


Hello Friends today we will review John Ibrahim’s Super Hit Movie -Saaya (2003 film)  

If the list of Bollywood action heroes is made, then the name of John Ibrahim must be there. Today, John Ibrahim is known as a top action hero.



John Ibrahim has made about 55 films in his lifetime. There are many more movies in the future.

Some movies have won people’s hearts, some have become flops.

John Ibrahim’s real acquaintance or fame gained by holding the hand of Dhoom film.

People like Dhoom film very much, and sequence films like Dhoom 2, Dhoom-3 are made.

John Ibrahim gave his superhit movie like Force,  Force Two, Race Two etc.

But today we will talk about a movie like John Ibrahim’s best movie.

And the amazing thing is that very few people have seen this movie.

I can guarantee you will become a fan of John Ibrahim once you see this movie.

John Ibrahim’s Super Hit Movie Saaya (2003 film)

Movie Language – Hindi 

Genres – Mythology

Movie Story 

The movie name is Saaya

In this movie, John Ibrahim and his wife are both professional doctors.
Both work in different hospitals.

At one point in the heavy rains, the people of a small village fell ill. But when no doctor is willing to go because of the heavy rains, Maya thinks of going to that village.
But Ibrahim repeatedly interrupts him.

Maya tells John that she is not going alone, with more medical team. Moreover, the duty of a doctor is to save lives. And he will do his duty.

Yet John was afraid because his wife was pregnant.



Eventually Maya left for the village with her medical team.

But the problem is that if you want to go to that village, you have to go through the narrow road of high hills.

Maya did not go to the medical team’s car for any reason and sat on a school bus.
The bus with 32 school children started descending through the narrow mountain road.

But unfortunately due to heavy rain the wheel of the car slipped and fell down the hill. And is swept away by the mighty waters.



Your are Reading – John Ibrahim’s Super Hit Movie Saaya (2003 film)

It’s an important part of the film.
Meanwhile, the government search team announced that all the passengers in the car were dead.

John Abraham’s life is clouded by darkness. Friends and relatives all came to John’s side and tried to convince him.

But John could not save himself from that accident.

John never thought Maya would leave him like this.
Less than a year after their marriage.



A few days later, while everyone is busy with their work, and John Abraham is trying to get back to his real life, something miraculous happens to him.

John gets the impression that Maya’s spirit is in the same room with him.

Dead people come to life, single TV projectors are turned on, Maya ‘s pediatric patients have Maya ‘s words on their faces, and other ghostly events that have only happened to people.

Where John is an educated doctor where he has nothing to do with blind faith.
Where John did not believe in God ..
All of this was driving John crazy.

Then something happened to John that he could never have imagined.



Film Information

1Film Directed byAnurag Basu
2Produced byMahesh Bhatt
3Screenplay byAmol Shetge
4Music byAnu Malik & M. M. Keeravani
5CinematographyFuwad Khan
6Distributed by  Vishesh Films
7Release date4 July 2003
8Running time    162 Min
9Language            Hindi
10Budget3.5 Crore
11Country               India
12Box office9.1 Crore
13AwardsBest Music Award to  Shreya Ghoshal  for song “Har Taraf”.



John AbrahamDr. Akash “Akki
Tara SharmaDr. Maya Bhatnagar, Akash’s wife
Mahima ChaudhryTanya
Zohra SehgalSister Martha
Rajendranath ZutshiMoses
Shreya GhoshalSpecial appearance in song “Har Taraf”
Akshita Mutrejaspecial appearance in the end as Akash’s daughter
Vishwajeet PradhanDr. A. Mehta

Film Ratings

Movie Analyst gives 6.8/10 ratings of this Movie. And Also people give 8.7/10 ratings.


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