Pankaj Tripathi Biography | Top 10 Best Movies

Pankaj Tripathi Biography | Top 10 Best Movies


Hello friends, today I will talk about Pankaj Tripathi. He is currently an actor whose life story is a  Inspiration of hope for thousands of young men and women.

Nowadays, all the big film directors have lined up to give work. There was another time when Pankaj Tripathi had to knock on the director’s door for work.

How the son of an ordinary family overcame thousands of obstacles and got the title of an honorable actor. We will hear that story today.

Friends, all of you stay with us.


Pankaj Tripathi Biography

Pankaj was born on 5 September 1974 in Gopalganj, Bihar

Pankaj bored father’s name Banaras Satisfaction Satisfaction
Banaras Tripathi is a Brahmin and a farmer
Pankaj Tripathi has four siblings, of whom Pankaj Tripathi is the youngest.

Pankaj Tripathi Biography

Pankaj Tripathi Biography | Top 10 Best Movies

Pankaj Tripathi Biography | Top 10 Best Movies

Pankaj Tripathi Education Qualification

Pankaj Tripathi some how passed HS from village school

Pankaj Tripathi had a lot of interest in acting since his childhood, especially in rural dramas.
And the people of the village loved acting.

Pankaj Tripathi decides to make acting his career. He went to Patna city and learned acting in different theaters. He also worked at the hotel to support himself.
After working for four years, Pankaj felt that if he wanted to work in the world of cinema, he had to go to Delhi or Bombay. He then enrolled in Jan NSD in Delhi and studied for two years and obtained a graduation certificate on acting.

Pankaj Tripathi Biography


But still could not find any job opportunities. So he decided to move to Mumbai. Then a marriage proposal comes to work and he gets married.

Pankaj got married and moved to Mumbai with his wife. Pankaj didn’t have the money to run a family in Mumbai, so Pankaj was trying to get a small job in cinema somehow,

Seeing the financial situation is very bad, Pankaj Tripathi wife is thinking of teaching in a nearby school. And get the opportunity to work part-time at a school by doing a lot of research.

Pankaj did not get any kind of job as he was in financial condition to run the family. He went to one studio after another to audition. Casting director Film Direk waits in front of their office day and night to contact them.

Pankaj Tripathi Debut

Trying hard, Anurag Basu got a chance to act in Gangs of Wasseypur. Pankaj Tripathi And Manoj Bajpai Movie
And he acted very well in this movie, his acting has won the hearts of every man. This one movie made Tripathi famous overnight.

Then Pankaj got one job opportunity after another

These are the names of the films that Pankaj has acted in

Pankaj Tripathi Top 10 Best Movies

Super 30
Bareilly Ki Barfi
Fukrey Returns
Manjhi – The Mountain Man
Gangs of Wasseypur
Bachchhan Paandey

Pankaj Tripathi said in an interview that on the day of Struggling, he saw thousands of young men and women from the villages walking the streets of Mumbai for performances.

There is talent in many, but the competition is so fierce that many have to leave in the middle and return to the village.

Pankaj Tripathi Biography

Where the big actors have KIDS, the children of affluent houses in Mumbai are auditioning, it is very difficult for the children from the village to survive.

And this is with the children from the village.

However, Pankaj Tripathi suppressed his performance and with the help of his wife he continued to try.
As a result of which the owner of crores of rupees in the present day.

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